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=> Also, check out some FREE Video Excerpts from our great GUITAR instructional videos:

* LAGE LUND “Jazz Guitar Chordal Vocabulary” (Jam-packed 3-hour Lesson incl. PDFs/TABS)
If I had the opportunity to take a lesson from Lage OR have this video, I would buy the video, work with it for a couple of years & THEN take a lesson. Get this video! Your brain & soul will thank you.
Michael von Horn, Sweden (From 5-Star Amazon Review)

* GILAD HEKSELMAN “Jazz Guitar Polyphony” (1h 15min Lesson incl. PDFs/TABS)
Fantastic quality! Even after just the first chapter, I can say that it is WELL worth every penny.The material is clear & challenging. I love it!!!
A great buy in tandem with the Lage Lund one!

James Seaberry, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

* OZ NOY “Guitar Improvisation Workout” (Jam-packed 2.5 hour Lesson incl. PDFs/TABS & MP3 Play-Alongs)
I do a ton of online instructional material myself, but this is probably my favorite thing I’ve come across…
Really well done and really practical stuff!

Mark Wein, MarkWeinGuitarLessons.com

* OZ NOY “Play-Along Workout” (Learn 4 of Oz' best songs. Step by step. 2.5 Hour Lesson. Incl. PDFs/Tabs + Play-Alongs with his Killer Band)
Instructional videos don’t get much better than this and considering the subject,
Oz Noy, and the price of admission, this is stealing from the gold mine.
The 2 DVDs cover his approach to improvisation and composition and with the MP3s & PDFs you will be oz-noying everyone in your path.

David Knorr, USA (Amazon 5-Star Review Excerpt)

One more thing: here are some FREE Video Excerpts from our great instructional videos for ALL INSTRUMENTS:

* KENNY WERNER “Effortless Mastery of Melody, Harmony & Rhythm”
If you are a jazz musician serious about getting better or making the most of your practice time, you won't ever regret buying this!
… this is *the* jazz instructional video to get. In one video, Kenny covers the entire spectrum of ingredients that a jazz player needs to work on. Melody, Harmony and Rhythm – and he puts these three elements together in a cohesive and deep way that no one else has done before.
Nothing I have seen even comes close to this, in terms of the level and quality of instruction here.
The material is very thoughtfully and logically presented, Kenny's communication is flawless, and the video quality is great.

Noel Borthwick, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

* KENNY WERNER “Effortless Mastery: The 4 Steps”
Whenever I tell people about them, I tell them these 2 videos absolutely are the definitive document on everything I teach.
When a person receives this, they will not even need a private lesson from me.

Kenny Werner

* JERRY BERGONZI “Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 1” – WORKOUTS: Chord Scales/Tones, Approach Systems, Voice Leading & More
Bergonzi has been codifying and passing along his hard-earned wisdom since he began teaching in the early 1980s.
Students flock to the New England Conservatory to have the opportunity to study with this master teacher/player. And now his knowledge is within reach of anybody who has a DVD player or a computer.


* JERRY BERGONZI “Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 2” – Sequences, Substitutions & Shapes
My playing has already been opened up and I'm moving past my usually approaches. I've got a ton to practice now!
I can't recommend this DVD enough for tenor players… or any jazz player that is looking to learn more about improving their improvising.

Benny Torres, USA (Amazon 5-Star Review Excerpt)