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From: Falk Willis/JazzHeaven.com
To: You, a World-class Jazz Musician
RE: recording a kick-butt Music Instructional Video with us & at a very fair deal (you get almost 50% of the final sales price)
[CURRENT ARTIST ROSTER: Lee Konitz, Kenny Werner, Jerry Bergonzi, Oz Noy, Vincent Herring, Eric Harland, Dave Kikoski, Geoffrey Keezer, Lage Lund, Lincoln Goines, Portinho, Jean-Michel Pilc, Ari Hoenig, Ralph Peterson, Ingrid Jensen & more.
=> Check out snippets from Ralph Peterson & Ari Hoenig's shoots in the last Video Player below! Lots more – and hopefully YOU – to come!

Geoffrey Keezer: “Looks fantastic and everything is top notch! I really like the transparency, too. Really like the piano video (overhead split, close-up side view, etc.). Well done!
Jean-Michel Pilc: “Thanks, Falk! A real pleasure to work with you. Smooth, professional, efficient and fun. Definitely the ideal way to do this.

Welcome! Click on the play button below for a short intro Video from JazzHeaven.com founder Falk Willis for you:
[PLEASE NOTE: we recently managed to get JAZZHEAVEN.COM, so that is IT. No more JazzMusicHeaven.com! => Ignore the references below.] (Video Problems? Refresh the page. Or download the latest Adobe Flash Player. It's free.)

Best way for you to quickly see what the deal is:

1) Watch the video presentation BELOW (It should give you a very clear idea, plus answer 99% of your questions)
2) Check this quick Video Teaser of drummer Ralph Peterson's upcoming video to see that we are dead-serious about production quality. Also check out our *Test Videos* further below on this page
(Update: now includes snippets from our first actual shoots, with drummers Ari Hoenig & Ralph Peterson)

If you prefer READING instead of Video, you may also download the TEXT version as a PDF for easy offline consumption.
(Just right-click the previous link and save to your desktop.)

Saw enough already to know that this is gonna be good? đŸ˜‰
Email us via artistresponse AT gmail DOT com or call Falk's cell #: 917-559-6081

But, seriously, hit the play button below now and check out the Video Presentation I made for you:

[Again, it's JAZZHEAVEN.COM from now on; no more JazzMusicHeaven.com!]

Too busy to watch the above Video right now?

=> Download it & check it out at your leisure (right-click link & ‘save as'):
iPod Video download
iPhone Video download
MP3 Audio-only download
PDF of just the presentation slides (for quickly glancing through what's covered)

Here is a link to Falk's musical resume, as promised in the Video above.
It includes some audio clips with ‘old sins' of mine with the likes of Gary Thomas, Kenny Wheeler, Marc Johnson & Bob Mintzer.

A few things I forgot to mention in the above presentation:
1) You could get the DVDs at 25% of the retail price (= 75% discount) from us, for you to sell at shows & clinics
2) On another note: you could obviously also incorporate PLAY-BACKS into your instructional videos, i.e. you demonstrating things by playing along to any tracks you brought to the session. (As mentioned, you could also bring actual fellow musicians or students to the shoot.)
3) For ease of bureaucracy: payout to you will be QUARTERLY, not monthly, as stated in the Video above
4) Equivalent to first subtracting expenses for the DVD creation, before paying out 50%, for the streaming online version of the video, we'll first withhold $5 for hosting costs, before we pay out 50%. So, in essence, we each eat $2.50 of that expense.

Here comes some Test Video Footage for you. (=> Choose your respective instrument in the playlist below the video!)
Keep in mind that it is TEST footage, so there are some minor bugs that would of course NOT be there in a ‘final' video.
But overall we are quite content with it. Also, all the Audio of these snippets is NOT mixed & mastered yet!
Update: Check out the snippets of Ralph Peterson & Ari Hoenig below from our first 2 upcoming releases!

We recently hired a web compression & web video expert to consult with us. Here is a quote from his report:
In general, your current encoding practices seem the most advanced of all the competitors that I found. Your streams have a larger resolution and better quality, and the composition and camera work is also superior. This makes for better instructional material and more impressive video.

As you can see at the top of this page in the header, the original artwork for the sites is quite intricate and beautiful.
Zoe Matthiessen also created the artwork for sites of Nina Simone, Larry Goldings, Ari Hoenig, Dr. Lonnie Smith or Sonny Rollins’ label, Doxy Records.
Check out the headers for all the different instrument sites here.
(The other sites are going live soon-ish. For right now, this link will give you an idea.)

At this point, we genuinely hope you are interested in participating in JazzHeaven.com!

We VERY carefully selected the artists we want to work with, and it would be an honor to work with you!
(Participation is by invitation only.)

Get in touch with us via email:
artistresponse at gmail dot com

Or call Falk's cell at 917-559-6081

Also, feel free to get in touch with us regarding any and all questions and/or feedback you may have.

Talk to you soon,

Falk Willis
JazzHeaven.com Founder