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Our Support Center should answer pretty much any PRE-SALES questions for you! Have a look!
Question not covered on there? Send us an email from that Support Center page ONLY, please.

If you are a Customer who already PAID for a product, here is what to do:
1) Check out our Support Center. It will answer 99% of any questions you have! Yes, really. ;)
2) If needed, AFTER you looked for an answer in the Support Center: send us an email FROM that Support Center page only, please.

We can NOT respond to SUPPORT emails sent to falk[at]
=> Again, you have to submit an email from our page!

This keeps all our communication in one central place.
Easier for both of us, and stuff doesn't get lost. And you get your answer FASTER!

Also, please note: we do NOT offer phone customer support at this time.
But, here is our Promise to You: we WILL take care of any issues quickly & efficiently!

Thanks for understanding & following the above!

We are a small start-up company and the way outlined above, we can focus on getting MORE VIDEOS
ready for you, rather than answering the SAME QUESTIONS over & over again through email or phone.

We VERY carefully thought through pretty much any issue that may come up.
And we ALREADY provided you with the answer in our Support Center! Check it out…

Of course, for any questions/issues/comments that are NOT yet covered in our Support Center:
by all means, contact us via the Support Center page and let us know.

Please Email Us via falk[at]

Phone: (001) 917-559-6081 (8am EST through 8pm EST = NYC time)

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