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Ralph Peterson Jazz Drumming Demystified

Ralph Peterson: “Jazz Drumming Demystified” Instructional Video Lesson

Ralph Peterson Jazz Drumming Demystified Lesson


* Jazz Drumming Lesson from a Master Player/TEACHER!
* Jam-packed 2-hour 20-minute (!) Lesson
* Four Quartet Performances
* Four Play-Along Tracks & Charts
* BONUS: PDF Booklet & in-depth 50-min Interview

Since he came on the scene, Ralph Peterson has been one of my favorite drummers. I'm very happy for & proud of him for doing this educational video. Both, as a player & educator, lovers of serious music should check this cat out!

An indispensable video for students of any skill level.” (Full Review further below!)

Ralph Peterson breaks it down! Not all the great players are great teachers but Ralph Peterson is a master all the way around!
Lots of cool concepts, tips, and wisdom. Amazing demonstrations. Really inspiring Jazz Drumming Lessons!

Anthony Mortillaro, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

This video is “must have” jazz drumming education!
One of the best instructional videos available on the market, and the content is extensive! (Over 3 hours)

Simon Pourbaix, France (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

Easily one of the most exciting Jazz Drummers one will ever see, Ralph Peterson is not just a world-class jazz drummer,
but also a world-class jazz drumming TEACHER. A rare combination, indeed.

Besides having played with Terence Blanchard, Branford Marsalis, Stanley Turrentine, David Murray, The Count Basie Orchestra, Betty Carter and Michael Brecker, as well as numerous groups of his own, he also teaches Jazz Drumming Lessons as Full Professor at Berklee College of Music as well as Artist in Residence at the Prince Claus Conservatory in Holland.

Aptly titled “Jazz Drumming Demystified,” Ralph generously shares his jazz drumming lesson wisdom here and offers a ‘method to the madness', laying down a clear path for the aspiring jazz drummer.

From Mechanics – developing the “What” and “How”… to Total Musicality – the Art of “When”, “Where” and “Why”. It's all there.

Ralph Peterson! This guy is so studied. He really breaks concepts down. Really articulate jazz drumming teacher! He has studied with the best. Much of Alan Dawson's jazz drumming approach is made very clear and approachable. This video is definitely a gem!
Aaron Hipschman, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

Jazz Drumming Lessons include:

* Grip & Fulcrum
* How to get a great Sound
* Mechanics & Vocabulary
* The Rudimental Pyramid
* Syncopation Exercises
* Concept vs. Instinct
* Feathering the Bass Drum
* Comping
* Mastering Playing Fast Jazz Drumming Lesson
* Playing Brushes
* The Art of Listening

And LOTS more Jazz Drumming Lessons…

Jam-packed 2-hour 20-minute Jazz Drumming Lesson!
PLUS: Four Quartet Performances
PLUS: Four Play-Along Tracks & Charts
PLUS: PDF Booklet
PLUS: 50-Minute Interview


Amazon.com review with this lovely headline:
Finally an Instructional Video that lives up to its claims…
I have always been disappointed with the lackluster content of jazz drumming instructional videos that have “creativity” or “musicality” in their title.
Seems lots of good players cannot adequately and clearly convey what they do or why they do it.
Ralph Peterson is one of those rare individuals whose ability to concisely articulate the hows and whys of jazz drumming is equal to his fantastic playing.
This video is loaded with educated, experienced, and practical insights on general and specific levels across the complete spectrum of this art. It may take several repeated viewings to really take home everything he has to convey. Most of the time watching a video feels like watching a video. Ralph Peterson's personality and communicative ability come across so well it almost feels like he's in the room with the viewer. He provides some important insight on the styles of many of the greats such as Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones, Tony Williams, and Elvin Jones. There are ensemble playing examples where he will walk the viewer through parts of the song and explain what he's playing, why he's playing it, and the relationship between what he's playing and what is being played by the other musicians in the ensemble. There is much more, but suffice to say that this is a great video for drummers looking to develop musicality in both accompaniment and solos.

Jeffrey Guthery, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

Ralph Peterson taking the time to explains things correctly?!?! This can't be true. Well, IT IS.
This is an AMAZING resource! It's Ralph Peterson, one of the greatest jazz drummers of our time, providing a thorough and understandable method for working towards mastery. I bought it after seeing some clips of it on youtube and I freaked out.
My experience with many drum videos has been that they lack a cohesive program.
This is totally different. It's very well thought out and logically sequenced. Ralph provides a great understanding about playing from the mechanics to being able to play in context. Like the great drum books (Chapin, Reed, etc.), this video is the real deal. I'm looking forward to spending lots of time working through this.

Max Shaw, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

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Great video. Very helpful, very clear & inspiring.
Mr. Peterson is one hell of a drummer and teacher. He knows the tradition and teaches with clarity and motivation.
One of the best instructional videos I have ever seen. Great from minute one!

Ramon Angel Reyon, Spain (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

Full AllAboutJazz.com Review:
An indispensable video for students of any skill level
Many professional jazz musicians dabble in education and many respected music teachers play on the side, but it's incredibly rare to encounter an individual who is world-class in both categories. Few people have the time, energy, intellect or passion to put into both pursuits, but drummer Ralph Peterson is one of them.
While his legacy as a performer has been written through his work with singer Betty Carter and saxophonists Branford Marsalis, David Murray and Michael Brecker, and many others, his wisdom as an educator is being passed on through his work at Berklee: the ultimate brick-and-mortar jazz institution.
Peterson's ability to provide a nuts-and-bolts explanation of drumming essentials, which covers fulcrum, the importance of rudiments, brush patterns, the principles of motion and a whole lot more, makes this an indispensable video for students of any skill level.
His easy-to-understand explanations and willingness to discuss hard lessons that he overcame, like a failed audition due to a lack of rudimental vocabulary knowledge, can help young players get to the next level, and more seasoned players might glean some wisdom from his help with up-tempo playing mechanics in the right hand. But those are just a few examples of what's covered herein.
Everything from Philly Joe Jones to paradiddlediddles to the importance of learning repertoire is open for discussion during this 140 minute master class, which also contains play-a-long tracks and a bonus interview.


I think this is a first class piece of work. It is clearly shot in HD and easy to view.
The jazz drumming lesson examples are clear, logical and relevant, and will help those who pay attention to understand the why of what we do, and how to better serve the music. In my view, this is a new benchmark for drum set instructional video.
Many videos cover the mechanics of getting around the kit, or nuances of a given style; few treat, as deeply or meaningfully as this, what the music asks us to do. It's really about using the instrument to make the music come alive.
Aside from being a world class musician who plays the heck out of the drums (and trumpet), Ralph is also a superb communicator and teacher. This is a rare mix, in my experience. His examples are consistently articulate, clear, Socratic, and often tinged with a bit of humor.

Nick Costa, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)


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