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Eric Harland: “The Yin & Yang of Jazz Drumming” Instructional Video

The friendly version: Eric and many people behind the scenes worked their butts off for many MONTHS to make this nice & shiny video for you.
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And now enjoy! He's killing it. ;)

Part 1:

2.Being Yourself & Getting Comfortable with the Instrument07:00
3.Introducing the Band17:03
4.Blues (Band Performance)17:32
5.Melody & Musicality24:09
6.Blues (Play-Along)25:58
7.Creating Moods30:57
8.Creating Moods (Band Performance)34:01
9.Creating Moods (Play-Along)40:54
10.When in Doubt: Keep Time44:13

Part 2:

12.Rhythm: Pulse (Playing with/against Time)03:35
13.Bass & Drums Hook-Up10:08
14.Rhythm: Feeling (Playing behind/on/ahead of the Beat)12:15
15.Rhythm: Mathematics (Having Fun in 21/8)16:30
16.Triumph (Performance)21:40
18.Being Open30:18
19.Instant (Band Performance)31:44
20.Letting Go38:14
22.North Star (Final Performance)42:36


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Funny Stuff:

The Band discusses “Quarter Note Hook-Up”:

The Band on Drummers:

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