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Oz Noy Play-Along Workout

Oz Noy Play-Along Workout

Oz Noy: “Play-Along Workout” – Learn & Play Along 4 of Oz' Best Songs

Oz Noy Play-Along Workout Lesson

* Learn 4 of Oz' Best Songs. Step by Step! And get to play with his Killer Band!
* Jam-packed 2.5-hour Lesson
* PDFs incl. TABS
* MP3 & Video Play-Alongs with his Killer Band!
* BONUS: in-depth 50-minute Interview & Gear Section

Oz Noy is repeatedly breaking new ground with his unique style and amazing guitar playing. One of my favorites!

I love the way Oz plays. He's awesome & I dig all his records.

This video gives an up-close look at guitar great Oz Noy's unique approach to composing through learning four of his songs from his extensive catalog. Oz goes into great detail to show how each song is played & then gives you a chance to play with his band.

Tim Hogan, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

It's Jazz. It just doesn't sound like it – that's how virtuoso guitarist Oz Noy describes his intoxicating blend of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues and Rhythm and Blues.

Oz' unique style has attracted calls from a wide range of artists like: Richard Bona, Chris Botti, Gavin DeGraw, Phoebe Snow, Roger Clover, Clay Aiken or Toni Braxton, as well as repeated Guitar Player Magazine Poll winnings.
His own recordings regularly include all-star cast like Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Will Lee, Allen Toussaint, Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather and Mike Stern.

In this jam-packed 2.5h Video Lesson (plus 50-min Interview!), Oz shares his unique writing style and 4 of his favorite compositions with you:
* Steroids
* Twice in a While
* EpistroFunk
* Say What?!

For each song, you get:
1) Oz giving an introduction to the song
2) Oz playing the full song
3) Oz explaining the song STEP BY STEP in great detail for you
4) A “Minus-Guitar” Version, where YOU get to play with James Genus (b), Rocky Bryant (dr) & Jerry Z (keys)
=> You will receive the Play-along versions as a VIDEO version and Audio-only MP3!

PDFs incl. TABS for all 4 songs included!
Plus, as a BONUS: transcription of Oz' solo on “Twice in a while”!

Excellent Resource!
Brilliant videos from Jazz Heaven – not just for jazz enthusiasts or Oz Noy fans.
Oz takes you through several of his tracks in detail, then you get a chance to play the guitar parts with his band – great!
There's nothing stopping you playing your own interpretations with the band too.
With downloadable PDFs, this is worth the money just for the chord progressions!
Brilliantly shot, great sound, excellent quality.
Highly recommended for any guitarist intermediate and upwards, a reference you'll keep coming back to.

Rob Townley, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

Again, Highlights include:

* Each song broken down step-by-step and in great detail
* PDF Chart and TABS for each Song!
* Full Version of Oz playing each Song
* Play-Alongs with James Genus (bass), Rocky Bryant (drums) & Jerry Z (keys)
* Tips on Composing & developing your Writing Skills
* Oz walking you through his exact Gear Setup
* Transcription of Oz' Solo on “Twice in a While”

Plus, you get to play along with Oz' Killer Band:
Jerry Z, keyboards (Mike Clark)
James Genus, electric bass (Herbie Hancock)
Rocky Bryant, drums (Branford Marsalis)

Jam-packed & Step-by-Step 2.5 hour Lesson
PLUS: MP3 Play-Alongs with his Killer Band!
PLUS: Gear Section
PLUS: in-depth 50-minute Interview

This video is an in-depth study of 4 Oz Noy songs.
Oz starts off by playing the songs with his band and then he walks through the main song riffs in real time and 1/2 time.
Anyone familiar with Oz's music knows that these are not some run-of-the-mill “simple licks.”
He really takes his time and explains the details about each section.
This is like having a master teacher with endless amounts of time to go through each section of a difficult song!
Oz does a great job of speaking directly to you, so that you feel like this is exactly how a lesson would be, but for less than 1/2 the price – without having to travel to NY.
If you really want to learn how Oz plays, then this is a must have!

JC, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

And don't forget to pick up Oz' OTHER instructional video: “GUITAR IMPROVISATION WORKOUT”
(Let Oz teach you his unique approach to improvisation, step by step.)
The PERFECT companion to the “Play-Along Workout” Video on this page!

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“I really love your videos. They’re awesome quality! I bought many Instructional Videos but this is the best I’ve ever seen.
I've seen Oz live and was always wondering how he did things – now it's possible to understand, with this video!
With easy instructions, great multi-cam shots and the ability to play the songs along with his band, this video is a must for Oz fans, and it also includes a fantastic interview. Get this video!

Yoshiyuki Mori, Japan, (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

I just got the two Oz Noy videos!
These are by far the best instructional videos I've ever seen!!
I wish I had had these videos 15 years ago!!

I've been playing guitar for more than 20 years and I've purchased quite few of this sort, and I'm telling you…
You've done some great work!
It's also very significant that the viewer can actually play with a real drummer and bassist (and Oz) and not some lame-axx drum-machine backing tracks. This will keep me busy for a while… happy scream!!

Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Japan, via email

Great tunes for your band
I had never heard of Oz Noy until I checked him out on YouTube and really dug his bluesy, funky approach to playing jazz on a strat no less. I already liked JazzHeaven's releases with Jerry Bergonzi’s titles, so I sent in my hard earned cash for this one. I wasn’t disappointed. 4 great Oz tunes and I’ve already brought in “Steroids” into my band. People dig it cuz the band digs playing it. Oz breaks down each tune and slowly shows you how to get the parts down.
Then the best part is you get to play along with the rhythm section, including solos.
This is a well-produced video, as are all JazzHeaven videos. I highly recommend this video
for getting some great tunes into your band.

Jeff Taylor, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)


We’re so sure that this video will get your playing to the next level, that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED 365-day money-back guarantee. That’s right, 1 FULL YEAR.

If for whatever reason this video does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 365 days of your purchase and we’ll refund you your money!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 365 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. Give it a try… you have nothing to lose & all risk is on us!

Falk Willis , JazzHeaven Founder