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Oz Noy Play-Along Workout Instructional Video Release

Oz NoyOz Noy Lesson, anyone? 😉

Oz Noy sure is one of the most bad-a** guitar players around.

It's Jazz. It just doesn't sound like it!
That's how he describes his blend of Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues and R&B.

We recently had the pleasure to film not one, but two guitar video lessons with Oz:

* Oz Noy “Play-Along Workout”

Oz dissects four of his best compositions for you.
He also plays them with his killer band consisting of Jerry Z (keys), James Genus (bass) & Rocky Bryant (drums).
And then YOU get to play guitar with his band – includes MP3 play-alongs AND “video play-alongs”!
Also includes PDF charts of all the songs.

* Oz Noy “Guitar Improvisation Workout”

Oz shares his approach to improvisation with you in a very detailed, step-by-step fashion.
Includes play-along tracks with the same rhythm section from above.
Also includes lots of PDFs, standard AND Tab notation.

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We hope you enjoy these Oz Noy Lessons.
And make sure you check out our OZ NOY CONTEST! (21 cool prizes 😉

Falk Willis