Oz Noy: “Guitar Improvisation Workout” *ANY STYLE* Improvise Lesson

Oz Noy Guitar Improvisation Workout Lesson


* Learn Guitar Improvisation unrelated to ANY STYLE with Guitar Wizard Oz Noy – Step by Step

* Jam-packed 2.5 hour Lesson incl. PDFs/TABS & MP3 PLAY-ALONGS with his Killer Band!

* BONUS: in-depth 50-minute Interview

“It's Jazz. It just doesn't sound like it.” This is how virtuoso guitarist Oz Noy describes his intoxicating blend of Jazz, Funk, Rock, Blues and Rhythm and Blues.

Oz' unique style has attracted calls from a wide range of artists like Richard Bona, Chris Botti, Gavin DeGraw, Phoebe Snow, Roger Clover, Clay Aiken or Toni Braxton, as well as repeated Guitar Player Magazine Poll winnings.

His own recordings regularly include all-star cast like Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Will Lee, Allen Toussaint, Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather and Mike Stern.

In this jam-packed 2.5h Guitar Improvisation Video Lesson (plus 50-min Interview!), Oz shares his unique approach to Improvisation – unrelated to any specific style of music – and breaks it all down for you: from improvising over one chord to the blues and beyond.

Instructional videos don't get much better than this and considering the subject,
Oz Noy, and the price of admission, this is stealing from the gold mine.
The 2 DVDs cover his approach to guitar improvisation and composition and with the MP3s & PDFs and a lot of time to absorb all of this,
you will be oz-noying everyone in your path.
” David Knorr, Gulfport, MS, via Amazon.com

=> VIDEO and MP3 PLAY-ALONGS with his killer band (James Genus & Rocky Bryant) plus PDFs and TABS included!

Highlights include:

* Dominant, Pentatonic, Whole Tone, Diminished and Altered Scale Exercises
* PDF Chart and TABS for each Guitar Improvisation Exercise!
* Play-Alongs with James Genus (bass) & Rocky Bryant (drums)
* Making simple Ideas sound modern
* Developing your own Voice
* Oz' exact Gear Setup
* Learn Improvisation unrelated to any Style
* Sounding modern over a Blues
* Rhythmic Approach to Phrasing
* Color Concept: Relationship between Chord and Scale
* Practicing Scales in a Musical Way
* Arpeggios and Triads over Scales

And LOTS more Guitar Improvisation Lessons…

Bonus: a 50-min Interview!

“I just got the two Oz Noy DVDs!
These are by far the best instructional videos I've ever seen!!
I wish I had had these guitar improvisation DVDs 15 years ago!!

I've been playing guitar for more than 20 years and I've purchased quite few of this sort, and I'm telling you…
You've done some great work!
It's also very significant that the viewer can actually play with a real drummer and bassist (and Oz) and not some lame-axx drum-machine backing tracks. This will keep me busy for a while… happy scream!!”
Received via email from Tsuyoshi Suzuki from Japan


Absolutely one of the very best guitar instructional packages I have ever seen.
Built around Oz's approach to improvising over dominant chords, you will get all of the tools you will need to improvise over any style.
The material ranges from scales to triads to arpeggios and other patterns and features Oz demonstrating the concept alone and with a band.
The DVD is beautifully shot and the sound and camera work are crisp and clear.
It is amazing to get to see THAT much great guitar playing from that close!
I have a small library of instructional material and I would consider this company as good or better than anything I have ever seen over the past 20 years of playing. The main guy, Falk Willis, is a musician and you can tell he is really trying to create a product for musicians to REALLY use. Really well done instructional material.
I honestly can't think of a better instructional package for intermediate to advanced players interested in really digging into the building blocks of improvisation. Highly recommended!

Jeff Stocks from Shawnee, KS, via Amazon

And don't forget to pick up Oz' OTHER instructional video: “PLAY-ALONG WORKOUT”
(Put into practice what you just learned (in “Guitar Improv Workout”) on four of Oz' best songs & play along with his killer band.)
The PERFECT companion to the “Guitar Improvisation Workout” Video on this page!

Online Video Version
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  • Access to Full-Length Interview

  • NO Access to any PDF/MP3 Extras

  • This is NOT a Download!

  • 24-Hour Access STARTS when You purchase!
  • Incl. MOBILE version (iPad/iPhone/Android, etc.)

  • Must be online to watch
    (just like a YouTube Video, but with a password)

  • Access to Full-Length Lesson

  • Access to Full-Length Interview

  • Access to Any PDF/MP3 EXTRAS!

  • OPTIONAL: can extend at end of 90 Days (nominal hosting fee of $1.99/mth)

  • This is NOT a Download!
    For LESS than the price of 1 lesson
    where you live, You own it for good

  • Access to Full-Length Lesson

  • Access to Full-Length Interview

  • Access to Any PDF/MP3 EXTRAS!

  • It will get better over time. ;)

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    purchase this version!

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SURPRISE BONUS: Get the DVD Version & we'll throw in the 24-hour Access ONLINE Version for FREE! = Best of both worlds: Access in 2 Minutes AND have DVD forever… :-)

I do a ton of online instructional material myself, but this is probably my favorite guitar improvisation lesson thing I've come across
Really well done and really practical stuff!
” Mark Wein, MarkWeinGuitarLessons.com

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