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Jerry Bergonzi Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol3

Jerry Bergonzi: Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 3
MELODIC RHYTHM: A Rhythmic Approach to Creating Melodies

Jerry Bergonzi Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Volume 3


* For ALL Instruments & Levels!
* Jam-packed 1h 45min Lesson with Legendary Master Player/TEACHER Jerry Bergonzi
* 9 Play-Along MP3s
* Lead Sheets & PDF Booklet
* Bonus: in-depth 60-minute Interview

How does it feel to be the best saxophone player in the world?” “I don't know. Ask Jerry Bergonzi!

Jerry's approach is the best. He has so many different ways to apply basic information.
The “3 for and 3 against” technique alone is worth its weight in gold.
As a player and a teacher, Jerry's stuff is just so darn easy and clear to understand – it *makes* you want to practice!

Denis DiBlasio, Director of Jazz Studies at Rowan University & 5-year Maynard Ferguson Big Band Musical Director

Tenor saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi is an internationally recognized jazz performer, composer, author and educator.
Besides being a professor at New England Conservatory, he is the author of seven jazz improvisation books and has performed and/or recorded with Jazz Greats like Mulgrew Miller, Dave Brubeck, Kenny Barron, John Abercrombie, Jack DeJohnette, Steve Swallow & Roy Haynes.

In this Video, Bergonzi, along with colleague Brian Levy, explores a multitude of approaches on the creative use of RHYTHM.

Starting with basic exercises, he progresses to more advanced jazz improvisation concepts on how professional players manipulate rhythm.
It will not only change the way you listen, but also free you from rhythmic boundaries, making you a better jazz improviser.

This material is the result of teaching these methods to jazz students all over the world for 30 years
– finally available in Video format!

… chock full of different ideas to get the mind thinking and fingers moving!
There aren't a lot of internationally acclaimed musicians who are also viewed the world over as exceptional teachers;
saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi is one of the few.
Bergonzi covers everything from the simple use of quarter notes to complex cross rhythms that both connect and disconnect with the underlying music in fascinating ways;
they demystify what the ear has already been absorbing through countless classic jazz recordings over the years.

Play-alongs, PDFs and a sixty minute interview with Bergonzi are the icing on the cake here, but the guided instruction from this master performer/educator is the most valuable part of this package.

– for the full (fantastic) review click here

Expand Your Rhythmic Jazz Improvisation Vocabulary & Get Out of Old Habits through:

* Making simple Rhythms sound good
* Disconnected Playing
* Rhythmic Displacement & Playing over the Bar Line
* Limiting Yourself to a Fixed Number of Notes per Bar
* Strengthening Your 8th & 16th-Notes
* Polyrhythms (3/4, 5/4 & 7/4 Rhythms over 4/4)

And there's more…:

* A Common Mistake you probably make when Practicing Rhythms
* A Simple but VERY beneficial Rhythmic Exercise
* How to create Rhythmic Tension
* Exercises that Change the way You Listen
* How to make simple Rhythms highly effective
* The Importance of hearing where Beat One is
* How to approach Polyrhythms

And a LOT more Jazz Improvisation Exercises…

Examples are based on chord progressions of well-known Jazz standards like Green Dolphin Street, Confirmation & Lady Bird.

Jam-packed 1h 45min Lesson!
PLUS: 9 MP3 Play-Along Tracks & Lead Sheets
PLUS: PDF Booklet
PLUS: in-depth 60-min Interview

I’ve been taking the exercises into the practice room with a pianist and we trade some of the rhythms over tunes. It has really helped develop my understanding of pre-hearing something before I play it. This is the toughest video of the three, but the rewards are worth it.
Jeff Taylor, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

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I am impressed by how much rich material Jerry Bergonzi packs into these videos. The guy really is a master teacher.
Rick Maurer, Arlington, VA, via Facebook

Jerry Bergonzi continues his incredible series!
Jerry Bergonzi is one of today's greatest Jazz saxophonists and improv teachers. This time around Jerry focuses on rhythm and how to practice and find more rhythm in your playing. Like in the previous video, Jerry has his former student Brian Levy try the exercises he discusses and ask follow-up questions. This video will help develop your time move into polyrhythms. Displacing rhythms for me is a great way to take your current Jazz vocabulary and turn it into new material. If you're studying Jazz improvisation, Jerry Bergonzi's teaching materials are a “must have” and these videos are the best way getting to hear Jerry explain and demo them. The JazzHeaven series are the best thing to happen to Jazz education in years, especially Jerry Bergonzi's series.
Steve Barnette, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)


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