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Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery of Melody Harmony & Rhythm

Kenny Werner: Effortless Mastery of Melody, Harmony & Rhythm

Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery Melody Harmony Rhythm


* Extremely powerful exercises for developing your Melody, Harmony & Rhythm
* For ALL Instruments & Levels!
* Jam-packed 2.5 hour Lesson
* 15-Page PDF Booklet
* BONUS: in-depth 60-minute Interview

Perfection. 360 degrees of soul and science in one human being. My kind of musician…

I wanna say THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR THE NEW KENNY WERNER VIDEOS. This is beyond mind-blowing. Unbeliiiievable.
It's such a gift and bliss for all us musicians, artists, people. Thank you soo much! ! ! !

Philippe Schäppi, Switzerland, via email

Kenny Werner is a rare musician who is known as much for his teachings and wisdom as for his piano playing and composing.
He has played with Joe Lovano, Betty Buckley, Mel Lewis, Bob Brookmeyer, Toots Thielemans, Randy Brecker and many more.
Kenny has been the leader of his own bands since the late 1970s and written for jazz orchestras and classical orchestras around the world.

He is the author of the landmark book “Effortless Mastery” (over 90,000 copies sold) – now a “bible” for musicians & artists all over the world, jazz & beyond. It has shown the way for generations of artists seeking discipline in their practicing as well as liberation and meaning in their playing. And now get ready for a serious dose of “new & improved” Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery…

In this Video, Kenny Werner shares extremely powerful exercises for developing your Melody, Harmony and Rhythm.
By treating them as separate subjects, they provide a lifelong path to higher and higher levels of music making.

Cutting edge jazz instruction from a master
If you are a jazz musician serious about getting better or making the most of your practice time, you won't ever regret buying this!
… this is *the* jazz instructional video to get. In one video, Kenny covers the entire spectrum of ingredients that a jazz player needs to work on. Melody, Harmony and Rhythm – and he puts these three elements together in a cohesive and deep way that no one else has done before.
Nothing I have seen even comes close to this, in terms of the level and quality of instruction here.
You can see that Kenny put a lot of thought and work into the presentation and production of this video.
This is not a hacked together disjointed instructional video, like many others I've seen.
The material is very thoughtfully and logically presented, Kenny's communication is flawless, and the video quality is great.

Noel Borthwick, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

For an in-depth (crazy-good) Amazon review CLICK HERE.

You'll learn about:

* How to sharpen your Melody, Harmony & Rhythm Skills/Tools
* Practicing & Concentration
* Kenny’s “Practice System”
* Hearing and feeling Real Progress in Your Playing
* Crafting unlimited surprising Chord Progressions, instantly
* How to sculpture and re-sculpture Your Lines
* Voice Leading
* Practicing vs. Playing
* How to Practice Odd Meters
* Killer Rhythmic Exercises
* Playing Outside the Chords
* Random Harmony Exercise
* Feeling Multiple-Bar Phrases

And LOTS more Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery…

Kenny's hands are visible at all times – see absolutely everything he plays.

I wonder, if one could ever expect more from an instructional video?
… A few minutes later, as Kenny starts explaining his string concept, I experience myself pressing the pause button, since I cannot resist playing any longer; suddenly I feel enabled to create some of the most beautiful lines I heard myself play ever.

Peter Kahlenborn, Germany (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

A message from Kenny himself:
These 2 videos are above and beyond anything I've done before. When I visit schools or even give private lessons, I'm always frustrated because I know that person or those persons are going to need more coaching, more support to walk that path.
Now I can tell them to watch these videos to hear exactly what they heard from me, with demonstrations and all, so they don't need to lose momentum on what they're trying to do. It's a great relief.

* Extremely powerful exercises for developing your Melody, Harmony & Rhythm
* For ALL Instruments & Levels!
* Jam-packed 2.5 hour Lesson
* PLUS: 15-Page PDF Booklet
* PLUS: in-depth 60-minute Interview

And don't forget to pick up Kenny's OTHER instructional video: “Effortless Mastery: The 4 Steps”
The PERFECT companion to the “Effortless Mastery of Melody, Harmony & Rhythm” Video on this page!

SURPRISE BONUS: Get the DVD Version & we'll throw in the 24-hour Access ONLINE Version for FREE! = Best of both worlds: Access in 2 Minutes AND have DVD forever… 🙂

… Whenever I tell people about them, I tell them these 2 videos absolutely are the definitive document on everything I teach.
When a person receives this, they will not even need a private lesson from me.

Kenny Werner in a private email

I just bought and watched the two Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery videos. There is some REALLY great stuff in there. I like his approach.
I highly recommend it for intermediate players who know the basics, but have trouble pushing past boundaries.
His approach to practicing, and getting in the right mindset, is all very important stuff that most of us overlook in our search for better jazz chops. Thanks for making this and putting it out at such a low price 🙂

Aaron Brown, Austin, TX, via Facebook

A real treasure
Effortless Mastery of Melody, Harmony and Rhythm is a further development of Mr. Werner's epic book, Effortless Mastery.
In this video, he demonstrates personally, with his usual kindness and wisdom, exercises he developed over his career that he still employs today. These tie in perfectly with the fourth of his 4 Steps.
His approach gets to the heart of the 3 elements of music in a very easy to understand and methodical manner, and his unique and humorous personality puts us at ease as we take in bite-size pieces of music into our inner world for nurture and growth.
As someone who has struggled for many, many years, I've found all of Mr. Werner's materials to be invigorating and confidence-building.
A milestone in education, and mostly a lot of fun!

Bill Kahl, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

This video is a monster!
It is probably the most concise method I have ever heard of on how to play jazz, and is packed with so many things I have never heard explained so well.
It is deceivingly simple, but like Effortless Mastery, so profound. His methods for breaking things down into manageable parts, and applying them, are just incredible.

The first section is on MELODY, and how to practice melody's using his “String Concept.” Part of this approach to practicing Melody has to do with targets, but his method is thorough, and truly profound. Right away I realized, I never truly practiced melodies, and why not? They are after all exactly what I should be practicing all the time because I play a melodic instrument. For me I never really knew exactly how to construct new melodies all the time, one after another, and although I had the raw materials, I never practiced quite like this.

The second section is about HARMONY, and how he goes outside the stated chords. This section is deceivingly simple, because after watching the demonstrations, and applying it myself, I thought to myself, first that it was much easier than I thought, and second that there were so many beautiful sounds to explore in this way, it really opened up my ears. I should say, still is really opening up my ears.

The next section is on RHYTHM, and how he approaches practicing rhythm. He goes through some exercises, and how to apply them, but my favorite part was about phrasing. He explained a few things, that later when I was listening to music in the car, I was hearing the phrases resolve in a completely new way, that I hadn't even noticed before.

I have lots of jazz material, and if you are like me, you may consider that you already have enough stuff. You still haven't learned Giant Steps in all 12 keys at 450 bpm, so why get more stuff to practice?
Well, for me, it's about finding great insight into practicing this music, and these are two lessons I think are absolutely gold!

Teddy Meyer, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)


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Falk Willis , JazzHeaven Founder