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If you are a JAZZ SCHOOL or any kind of “Music Educational Program” and would like to purchase one (or more) of our Instructional Videos for use in your “school library” or whatever other access by MORE THAN ONE PERSON:

First of all: thank you for your interest!
We appreciate it and are confident our videos could add great value for use in your school.

That said, please kindly note that the retail price of $39.95 for our DVDs (and respective prices for ONLINE VERSIONS) on this website, or anywhere else (Amazon.com, DVDs sold by our artists at their concerts/clinics, etc.), includes a license for PRIVATE HOME VIEWING ONLY. => The price for a DVD with a license for Public Viewing is $99.

In “Lawyer's Talk”:
“… This product is licensed only for the non-commercial private exhibition of the individual purchaser. You agree that any public performance, other use, or copying is strictly prohibited. This agreement permits you to receive a single, non-transferable non-assignable license for the non-commercial private exhibition of this product.”

In Layman's Terms:
If you buy one or more of our videos and then simply put it to use in your school/university (and/or school library) for the use of more than one person, that would be:
1) not cool, and
2) is also illegal

Please kindly respect this and allow us to keep making these nice videos for you.

How you do that, you ask?


You buy the DVD through a SPECIAL LINK that's at the BOTTOM RIGHT of each page where a product of ours gets sold.
It looks like the screenshot below!
And you would click on the link called “this version“.

Jazz School DVD Purchase Link

Yes, the price for the DVD for Schools is $99, and not $39.95.

But now you can LEGITIMATELY use the DVD in your school/education program's library.
And with access to as many viewers as you wish.

And you will sleep better at night. 😉
Since you will have done the right thing, and… you will allow us to keep making these fine videos for you.

Sounds fair?