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Jerry Bergonzi Instructional Video Contest Details

Spread The Word about Jerry Bergonzi's CONTEST & Win Cool Prizes!

*UPDATE: CONTEST HAS ENDED* Winners will be notified shortly. Thanks for playing!
=> Please still check out the blue links below to Jerry’s Killer Instructional Videos.

THE OCCASION: launch of TWO brand-new JERRY BERGONZI Instructional Videos:
Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol.3: MELODIC RHYTHM

Jerry Bergonzi Melodic Rhythm

Jerry Bergonzi Saxophone Mastery

Both Videos include 2-hour lessons + 60-min Interview and are jam-packed with detailed instruction (& 5 camera angles)

The first two unbiased (and unsolicited!) reactions/reviews we received:

One of the best lessons I have ever had (continually have because it's on DVD).
Jerry is so clear and concise. Has helped me a ton!

Teddy Meyer, Los Angeles, CA, via Facebook

Jerry's approach is the best. He has so many different ways to apply basic information.
The “3 for and 3 against” technique alone is worth its weight in gold.
Almost all of the techniques also work for composition students.
As a player and a teacher Jerry's stuff is so darn easy and clear to understand it makes you want to practice.

Denis DiBlasio, Director of Composition and Jazz Studies at Rowan University

For a fantastic, brand-new AllAboutJazz.com review of these 2 Videos click here.

=> Participating in the CONTEST is Super Easy…
All You Have To Do Is CLICK HERE to Enter The Contest

SURPRISE GIFT FOR *EVERYONE*, simply for entering the Contest:
EVERYONE who enters the contest will receive an email with a free download of MANY Jerry Bergonzi compositions:
* 2 Volumes of “The Music of Jerry Bergonzi”
* PLUS: Jerry's “Reharmonization of Standards”
(Big thank you to Jeff Ellwood!)


1 time: 60-minute one-on-one Lesson with THE GONZ himself (in person or Skype)
3 times: 2 Tickets to JB Live Concert of your choice and “meet the artist”
10 times: 1 signed copy of JB CD “Shifting Gears”
4 times: 1 signed copy of JB Transcription & Analysis book: “JB Solos – Setting Standards”
1 time: 1 signed copy of JB Aebersold Play-Along book & CD “Sound Advice” (Vol. 102)
2 times: 1 signed copy of JB book & CD “Inside Improvisation Series: Vol. 4 Melodic Rhythms”
2 times: 1 signed copy of JB book & CD “Inside Improvisation Series: Vol. 5 Thesaurus of Intervallic Melodies”
2 times: 1 signed copy of JB book & CD “Inside Improvisation Series: Vol. 7 Hexatonics”

Rico Saxophone Reeds kindly also sponsored the following prizes:

3 times: 1 box of Rico reeds of the winner’s choice
2 times: 1 multi-reed storage case
1 time: 1 H-ligature of your choice


STEP 1: CLICK HERE to Enter the Contest
STEP 2: Optional: Once You’ve signed up, share the contest with your friends on Facebook & Twitter – and drastically increase the chance of winning…
STEP 3: Optional: for a chance to win a PRIVATE LESSON with Jerry: upload a YouTube Video of yourself jamming to Jerry's Play-Along! (Details below)


1 ENTRY (or POINT) for entering the Contest yourself.
10 ENTRIES (or POINTS) for each friend of yours that enters the Contest through your referral!
(You will share a link that is 100% unique to you – that's how our system can track your referrals.)

The more actions you take to promote the contest… the more chances you have to win!
(Each point or entry is like 1 “raffle ticket”.)

The contest will end Monday, January 20th, at 11:59pm EST!
Prizes will be randomly selected out of all the entries.
So while the contestants with the most points have the greatest chance of winning…
EVERYONE who plays has a chance!

SPECIAL PRIZE: Enter the drawing to win a PRIVATE LESSON with Jerry (Skype or in person) by uploading your own YouTube Video of playing along with Jerry's Play-Along!!

Here is Jerry's Version of it on YouTube:

Once you enter the contest, you will receive an email with the Play-Along version MP3 & PDF Chart!
You can choose between a slower and a faster version. Pick the one you feel most comfortable playing with.

STEP 1: Enter the Contest & receive an email with the Play-Along MP3 & Chart Download
STEP 2: Watch the above clip of Jerry and Brian demonstrating how to play a 1-Bar rhythm on “On the Bring” (Same chord progression as Charlie Parker's “Confirmation”, Concert Key of F)
STEP 3: Record a Video of yourself playing along with the MP3 -> using this exercise!
STEP 4: Upload it to YOUR YouTube account!
STEP 5: Format your video like this:
TITLE: [Your Name] playing with Jerry Bergonzi's Play-Along by JazzHeaven.com
VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Put the following text at the VERY BEGINNING of your video's description:
http://jazzheaven.com/bergonzi-contest Check out this cool Jerry Bergonzi Contest!
TAG the video like this: “jazzheaven.com” “jerry bergonzi” “jazz play-along”
STEP 6: Leave a Facebook Comment at the bottom of THIS page, which includes YOUR YouTube link

The Response Video with the most YOUTUBE LIKES by the time the contest ends wins the PRIVATE LESSON with Jerry!
(Hint, hint: Share your video on Facebook & ask your friends to click the LIKE button on your video…)

If You haven't yet: now you'll want to CLICK HERE to Enter the Contest To Get Started!

By entering the contest, you agree that you read, understood and fully qualified for our complete CONTEST RULES.

For legal reasons, the contest prizes are only available to those with shipping addresses in the United States… but not to fear! There’s a workaround.
If you live outside the US, you can use http://www.hopshopgo.com/. It’s a simple service that allows non-U.S. customers to have goods delivered to a U.S. address;
the goods are then forwarded to wherever you live. You actually save 10% on international shipping.