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Jerry Bergonzi Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol3 Web1x

Jerry Bergonzi: “Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Vol. 3” Instructional Video

The friendly version: Jerry and many people behind the scenes worked their butts off for many MONTHS to make this nice & shiny video for you.
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And now enjoy! He's killing it. ;)

Part 1:

1.A Friendly Request00:00
2.Intro Performance00:36
4.Fixed Number of Notes per Bar04:58
5.Fixed Number of Notes (Including Over the Bar Line)09:43
6.Disconnected Playing14:33
7.One Bar 4/4 Rhythms18:15
8.Combining One-Bar Rhythms28:52
9.On the Bring (Play-Along) Based on "Confirmation" chord progression32:04
10.On the Bring - Slow (Play-Along) Based on "Confirmation" chord progression34:37
11.Consecutive 8th Notes36:53
12.Five Consecutive 8th Notes42:10
13.Lady Dugg (Play-Along) Based on "Lady Bird" chord progression48:48
14.Lady Dugg - Slow (Play-Along) Based on "Lady Bird" chord progression50:52


15.Consecutive Triplets00:01
16.Consecutive 16th Notes06:32
17.Pink Harry (Play-Along) Based on "On Green Dolphin St" chord progression14:33
18.Pink Harry - Slow (Play-Along) Based on "On Green Dolphin Street" chord progression17:34
19.Simple Rhythms19:50
20.3/4 Rhythms Over 4/425:44
21.In 4/4, Combining 3/4 Rhythms to Create 6/4 Rhythms31:21
22.5/4 Rhythms Over 4/435:20
23.7/4 Rhythms Over 4/439:07
24.On the Bring (Play-Along) Implied 5/4 Comping Based on "Confirmation" chord progression42:21
25.On the Bring (Play-Along) Implied 7/4 Comping Based on "Confirmation" chord progression43:32
26.On the Bring (Play-Along) Implied 5/4 & 7/4 Comping Based on "Confirmation" chord progression44:20
27.Final Thoughts45:20
28.Pink Harry (Performance) Based on "Green Dolphin St" chord progression48:27