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Jerry Bergonzi: “Saxophone Mastery” Instructional Video

The friendly version: Jerry and many people behind the scenes worked their butts off for many MONTHS to make this nice & shiny video for you.
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And now enjoy! He's the man. ;)

Part 1:

1.A Friendly Request00:00
2.Intro Performance00:49
5.Reeds & Embouchure06:54
6.Mouthpiece & Ligature12:47
7.Mouthpiece Exercise18:23
8.Mouthpiece & Ligature Placement19:48
9.Pressure on the Reed & Intonation22:50
10.Tounging & Vibrato27:03
11.Sound Possibilities & Effects38:01
12.Practicing Overtones40:27
13.Fingering - Tricks of the Trade44:12


14.TECHNIQUE: Overview, Modal Sequencing & Scales/Modes00:00
16.Finger & Hand Placement12:31
17.Inspiration & Development16:27
18."Singing" through the Horn23:51
20.Warming Up30:10
23.Octave Displacement & Breaking the Sound39:41
24.Putting it All Together: Table Stake Based on "Stablemates" chord progression46:11
25.The Jazz Lifestyle49:46


Jerry's Gear: