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Kenny Werner: “Effortless Mastery of Melody, Harmony & Rhythm”

The friendly version: Kenny and many people behind the scenes worked their butts off for many MONTHS to make this nice & shiny video for you.
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And now enjoy! It's quite incredible material. ;)

Part 1:

1.A Friendly Request00:00
2.Free Improv #100:32
3.Intro: The Flesh & Bones of Music05:49
4.MELODY & the "String Concept"15:12
5.String Concept Examples20:11
6.Playing Outside the Chords43:20
7.String Concept in Odd Time Signatures46:59
9.Random Harmony Exercise55:52


9.Changing Chords00:00
10.Free Improv #213:10
12.More Rhythmic Exercises32:07
13.Advanced Rhythmic Ideas42:11
14.Results of the Rhythmic Exercises47:34
15.Practicing and Concentration50:28
16.Kenny's Practice System54:37
17.Black, White & Grey Area01:00:08
18.Closing Thoughts01:04:56
19.Free Improv #301:06:50


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Additional Solo Performance: