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Oz Noy: “Guitar Improvisation Workout” Instructional Video

The friendly version: Oz and many people behind the scenes worked their butts off for many MONTHS to make this nice & shiny video for you.
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And now enjoy! He's killing it. ;)

Part 1:

2.Chord Concept01:45
3.Color Concept04:28
4.Scale Options over a Dominant Chord06:59
5.Dominant Chord - Scale Options09:18
6.Dominant Scale10:00
7.Pentatonic Scale15:27
8.Minor Pentatonic16:32
9.Major Pentatonic19:44
10.Whole Tone Scale23:56
11.Diminished Scale28:59
12.Altered Scale36:06
13.Summary So Far41:30
14.Using Scales over a Dominant Chord Vamp42:18
15.Exercise 1 Jumpin' 3rds Dominant Scale43:46
16.Ex. 1 Play-Along Jumpin' 3rds Dominant Scale46:43
17.Exercise 2 Jumpin' 3rds (4ths) Pentatonic Scale48:13
18.Ex. 2 Play-Along Jumpin' 3rds (4ths) Pentatonic Scale51:15
19.Exercise 3 Jumpin' 3rds Whole Tone Scale53:06
20.Ex. 3 Play-Along Jumpin' 3rds Whole Tone Scale54:32
21.Exercise 4 Jumpin' 3rds Diminished Scale55:56
22.Ex. 4 Play-Along Jumpin' 3rds Diminished Scale59:11
23.Exercise 5 Jumpin' 3rds Altered Scale01:00:46
24.Ex. 5 Play-Along Jumpin' 3rds Altered Scale01:04:40
25.Exercise 6 Triads over Dominant Scale01:06:10
26.Ex. 6 Play-Along Triads over Dominant Scale01:09:37


27.Exercise 7 Triads over Pentatonic Scale00:00
28.Ex. 7 Play-Along Triads over Pentatonic Scale05:55
29.Exercise 8 Triads over Whole Tone Scale07:25
30.Ex. 8 Play-Along Triads over Whole Tone Scale08:53
31.Exercise 9 Triads over Diminished Scale11:37
32.Ex. 9 Play-Along Triads over Diminished Scale14:48
33.Exercise 10 Triads over Altered Scale16:18
34.Ex. 10 Play-Along Triads over Altered Scale18:29
35.Exercise 11 Arpeggios over Dominant Scale20:16
36.Ex. 11 Play-Along Arpeggios over Dominant Scale24:30
37.Exercise 12 Arpeggios over Pentatonic Scale26:12
38.Ex. 12 Play-Along Arpeggios over Pentatonic Scale29:09
39.Exercise 13 Arpeggios over Whole Tone Scale30:37
40.Ex. 13 Play-Along Arpeggios over Whole Tone Scale33:32
41.Exercise 14 Arpeggios over Diminished Scale34:57
42.Ex. 14 Play-Along Arpeggios over Diminished Scale38:13
43.Exercise 15 Arpeggios over Altered Scale39:40
44.Ex. 15 Play-Along Arpeggios over Altered Scale41:56
45.Other Patterns43:24
46.Dominant Play-Along48:30
47.Whole Tone Play-Along49:36
48.Diminished Play-Along51:04
49.Altered Play-Along52:38
50.Improvisation - Applied to Blues54:05
51.G7 Blues Using All Scales59:10
52.G7 Blues Trading with Oz01:03:21
53.The Magic of Half Step Up & Down01:09:17
54.Putting it All Together & Applying it to Any Style01:11:44


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