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Ralph Peterson: “Jazz Drumming Demystified” Instructional Video

The friendly version: Ralph and many people behind the scenes worked their butts off for many MONTHS to make this nice & shiny video for you.
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And now enjoy! He's killing it. ;)

Part 1:

3.You Have Know Idea (Band Performance)08:05
4.Grip & Fulcrum12:45
5.Getting a Sound16:16
6.Importance of Vocabulary & Mechanics20:39
7.Rudimental Pyramid23:10
8.Concept vs. Instinct26:35
9.Rudiment Demonstrations28:14
11.Three Principles of Motion33:47
12.Philly Joe Style36:15
13.Elvin Style37:16
14.Tony Style38:13
15.More Philly Joe40:18
16.Paradiddle-diddle Inverted = Cymbal Pattern45:33
17.A Word on Comping48:10
18.Feathering the Bass Drum49:33
19.Developing Style52:36
20.Art Blakey Style55:17
21.More Philly Joe Style57:06
22.More Elvin Style57:54
23.Bebopskerony (Band Performance)58:54
24.Playing Melody01:03:38
25.Developing Melody With Long / Short01:11:39


26.Respect for Truth (Band Performance)00:01
27.The Drum & Bass Connection: Shifting Gears06:40
28.Placing the Beat11:24
29.Playing Fast18:19
30.Bass Player's Perspective23:44
32.Syncopation Exercises27:58
33.Example 1: Left Hand & High Hat Only28:43
34.Example 2: Add the Ride Cymbal29:06
35.Example 3: Short (Snare) Long (B. Dr.)29:33
36.Example 4: Adding Paradiddle-diddle29:58
37.Example 5: Playing Short Notes on Tom30:25
38.Bringing Creativity to Practice31:49
39.Tears I Cannot Hide (Band Performance)33:18
41.Trio Blues with Brushes44:55
42.The Art of Listening47:52
43.Listening to Bebopskerony Sax Solo51:51
44.Listening to Bebopskerony Drum Solo55:47
45.Bebopskerony Drum Solo57:20
46.A Conversation with the Band01:01:02
47.Final Message01:09:19


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