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Just searched for “jazzheaven torrent”?


Falk Willis here, the guy behind JazzHeaven.com – and I invite you to consider the following:

I invested over $500K to make this all happen, and worked on this for over 2.5 years full-time with my team before going live.

And…, we pay out 3x more to our lovely artists than any other royalty arrangement for something comparable (researched this carefully before we started this).

All this to say: there will be lots of water flowing down the Mississippi until this business will break even; let alone make the first $ of actual profit.

So, frankly, not sitting here counting bags of money.
It's Jazz after all…

And as you probably noticed: we go for the highest-possible production quality, trying our best to match our fantastic artists' content with the respective production quality…

Sooooo… if you now start ripping us & the artists off by downloading pirated copies or similar naughty, naughty activities,
a good thing will quickly come to an end, since I will simply no longer be able to afford to run the site.
(Same thing for making NEW videos for you…)

So now you know a little bit more how it looks “on the other side”.

Thanks for doing the right thing!

I promise you, you will get something very valuable in exchange for spending your hard-earned money on actually BUYING one of our instructional videos.

(And if you really don't like it: we have a 12-month money-back guarantee.)

Thanks on behalf of everyone involved in JazzHeaven, including our fantastic artists!