"Of the younger cats Lage Lund is THE one. He's a wonderful player. Scary, actually!"
- Kurt Rosenwinkel

If You are a Jazz Guitar Player serious about Getting Better, Learning about Harmony from LAGE LUND will Expand Your Chordal Vocabulary... Like Crazy!


Lage Lund "Jazz Guitar Chordal Vocabulary"
Instructional Video

I've been watching the Lage Lund instructional video for a while now, and it's totally mindblowing. This is changing me. Thank you! I wouldn't be surprised if it will be mentioned in the same breath as late Ted Greene's books and videos in the future."

Michael von Horn, Sweden (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

About Lage Lund...

Don't let his youthful looks fool you...
Acclaimed as one of the finest guitarists in jazz, and winner of the prestigious Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition, Lage has performed and recorded with the likes of Ron Carter, Mulgrew Miller, Wynton Marsalis, FLY & Maria Schneider.

New York Times: "... his playing and presence can both be casually magnetic.
Like Jim Hall, one of the guitarists in his heroes' gallery, he channels reticence into a whisper-quiet mystique."

David Adler (TimeOut, JazzTimes): "... Lund opened huge aural expanses with voicings of just two or three notes, and burned down the house with one impossibly deft solo after another...
I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone play the instrument that well."

In this Video, Lage will show You...

  • How You get the most mileage out of chords and triads You ALREADY know (!) – and immediately incorporate this into Your Playing!
  • How You can create harmonic accompaniment & motion in ANY Setting
  • From triads to extended chords, these techniques will dramatically expand Your chordal vocabulary and Your ability to approach harmony from many different angles, whether You perform as a soloist or with a group

Evolve Your Harmony into something that's alive and organic!

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What's NOT covered in this Video...

1) (Drop 2) Seventh Chords
2) Fourth Voicings
3) Open-String Voicings

Those 3 things cover what’s the "common guitar chord vocabulary" - nothing wrong with that, of course.
But there is plenty of information on that out there already.

A lot of what Lage shares in this video came out of his own frustration of feeling his harmony felt one-dimensional and not very spontaneous - and how he overcame & resolved it!

This Video is about giving You the exact same tools to work on that part of your playing - if you feel similarly.

Drastically Expand Your Harmonic Vocabulary...

  • Learn Every Possible Way to use a Chord harmonically
  • Discover How to NOT think of Harmony only as “Grips”
  • How to create Movement in a "1-Chord Situation"
  • Pick up Lage’s Simple & Organized Method to Practicing ANYTHING (not just Harmony), so that things naturally work themselves into Your Guitar Playing…
  • Learn how to effectively use a Single Chord over II-V-Is & Whole Tunes
  • How to Let Melody dictate Your Harmony
  • Chord Tone Exercises
  • How to be clear what the Notes of the Chords are - at all times!
  • All Information shared is unrelated to any particular "Style"
  • All Examples based on chord progressions of familiar Jazz Standards like Stella by Starlight & All The Things You Are

But wait!
There's more...

  • CHORDS = LINES! (All Ideas can be applied to Your Single-Line Playing as well!) (See Video below!)
  • How to Think of Harmony as “Individual Melodies”
  • Lage's “Voice Concept” - Independence w/ 3 & more Voices
  • Creative Use of Inversions for Jazz Guitar
  • Voicing Open Triads & Extended Chords
  • Why Lage may practice the same Tune for 45 Minutes
  • How to Avoid Patterns/Cliches/Stacking Thirds
  • Why adding every Note to every Chord sounds like painting with every Color all the Time (and why it’s great to spend time on Triads)
  • Voicings: how to lock in with your Band Members’ Playing & Vocabulary
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Lage's video is the best I’ve seen for guitar harmony. The main reasons to buy this video are that you will not only learn new ways to expand your chordal vocabulary, but you will also realize the width of your own knowledge. And that is very uplifting. Because when he shows a systematic way to treat ONE chord, you obviously can apply that method to every chord you know. The progression through the video is excellent, and you really learn new stuff related to what you already know. It widens your perspective. Lage's method is amazing. Thank you so much, once again. It is much more than I’ve ever thought it would be. PS: Production-wise, everything looks really good and Lage’s characteristic acoustic, almost snappy sound is very well captured. Perhaps the best sound I've heard with Lage.

Michael von Horn
Michael von Horn Sweden (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

And still MORE Good Stuff...

18-Page PDF incl. TABS!

Click on the PDF image to see a sample of Lage's beautiful PDFs...

BONUS: Leadsheets of 3 original Lage Songs - which he performs with his stellar Trio in the Video
("Bums & Horses" + "Worms" + "12 Beats")

Extensive GEAR & TECHNIQUE Section

13 juicy minutes of Lage discussing his GEAR.
Guitar, Amps, Effects, Pedals - the works...

Incl. very special bonus section on optimal foot wear.

3 Killer TRIO Performances!

Watch Lage perform 3 of his songs in TRIO with
Rodney Green on drums (Charlie Haden, Mulgrew Miller)
and Matt Clohesy on bass (Seamus Blake, Ingrid Jensen)
(Yes, Leadsheet PDFs are included.)

This beautifully shows the explained concepts in action!

Plus: more jazz guitar SOLO performances in the Video!

In-depth 60-Minute Interview

Get a glimpse of the "person behind the music"...

Hear Lage discuss:
* growing up in Norway
* his years studying jazz at Berklee & Juilliard
* winning the prestigious Thelonious Monk Competition
* Jazz Guitar Practice Routines
* establishing himself on the NY Scene; and MORE...

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Look What Other People Had to Say...

Absolutely astounding. 5 stars is not enough! Information you will not find anywhere else that I know of, and I have an extensive library of jazz guitar instructional materials. What I got from the first 2 chapters alone was worth the price of the Video. This is nothing like so many of the Joe Pass videos ("I don't know what that is, I just play this") or the Pat Martino ones ("mystical theories forever!!”). This Video is much, much more accessible. And I have come up with a lot of ideas that I have heard musicians like Lund play but did not understand.
A great buy in tandem with the Gilad Hekselman Video!

James Seaberry
James Seaberry USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

Great Lessons on Jazz Chording! This is one of the best things I have done for my guitar playing in years. Lage Lund is one of best of the new breed of Jazz guitarists and I am a big fan of his albums.
This video focuses on chords and ideas to expand your chord vocabulary. Great lessons on how to get more out of what you already know! There are three hours of instruction on this Video, so it’s an amazing value for all the information Lage shares here. Plus Lage has a real quirky sense of humor to add to the enjoyment. If you are into Jazz guitar and love chords like I do, you'll dig this Video.

Steve Barnette
Steve Barnette USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

Still not sure this is for You?
Watch one final (killer) excerpt...

If I had the opportunity to take a lesson from Lage OR have this video, I would buy the video, work with it for a couple of years & THEN take a lesson. Get this video! Your brain & soul will thank you.

- Michael von Horn, Sweden (From 5-Star Amazon Review)

Get started TODAY - here is what you get:

  • 3-Hour (!) Jazz Guitar Lesson & Master Class
  • 18-Page PDF Booklet incl. TABS
  • Extensive Gear/Technique Section
  • In-depth 60-minute Lage Lund Interview
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To Expand YOUR
Chordal Vocabulary

No risk for You. 365-day 100% money-back guarantee

Decision Time...

Now you can (will) do one of two things:

  • 1

    Let Lage “take You by the hand” & help You get to the Next Level!

    Benefit from Lage having figured out all this knowledge for himself – and FOR You. And get it all for the price of a nice dinner or a few Starbucks Lattes... (And certainly MUCH less than taking a few hours worth of lessons with him personally at ~$100/hour)

  • 2

    OR... Do nothing – or try to figure this stuff out by yourself

    But, really, why reinvent the wheel... when, for the price of 2 movie tickets, you can just follow somebody that has already “been there” – where you want to go..., and let him take you by the hand, and cut your learning curve by a LOT.
    (It sure will be quicker & easier. And less painful - and more fun)

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Bravo!! A great video with very, very high quality instruction. Lage is the best!
A wonderful guide for those who want to open their ears widely and understand jazz guitar harmony & voicings deeply."

Hong Kang, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

The audio and video, like the Hekselman video, are tremendous. Very clear, split-screen at many points, well organized, well directed. There is even a performance between the sections by his working trio of his tunes that displays the explained concepts!!!! Brilliant idea."

James Seaberry, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)


We’re so sure that this video will get your playing to the next level, that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED 365-day money-back guarantee. That’s right, 1 FULL YEAR.

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Falk Willis




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