"Perfection. 360 degrees of soul and science in one human being. My kind of musician..."
- Quincy Jones

WHAT IF You could have KENNY WERNER himself guide You through the 4 Steps from his Landmark Book “Effortless Mastery”?
Well, now you CAN... (For ALL Instruments & Levels!)


Kenny Werner "Effortless Mastery: The 4 Steps"
Instructional Video

I wanna say thanks sooo much for the new Kenny Werner Videos.
This is beyond mind-blowing. Unbeliiiievable.
It’s such a gift and bliss for all us musicians, artists, people. Thank you soo much! ! ! !

Philippe Schäppi, Switzerland

About Kenny Werner...

Kenny Werner is a rare musician who is known as much for his jazz teachings and wisdom as for his piano playing and composing.
He has played with Joe Lovano, Mel Lewis, Bob Brookmeyer, Toots Thielemans, Randy Brecker and many more.
Kenny has been the leader of his own bands since the late 1970s & has written for jazz & classical orchestras around the world.

He is the author of the landmark book “Effortless Mastery” (over 90,000 copies sold) – now a “bible” for musicians & artists all over the world, jazz & beyond.

It has shown the way for generations of artists seeking discipline in their practicing as well as liberation and meaning in their playing.

Since I developed the 4 Steps, musicians are always asking me,
‘How do you do Step 1 on guitar, trumpet, violin, drums, etc.?

I didn’t really have an answer for them that would not require me
guiding them through the step.

But in this video I do the step with 5 instruments.
The question is finally answered.
” - Kenny Werner

A Message from Kenny:


To RECAP the 4 Steps Kenny shared in above video:

  • 1

    Learning the Space

    Getting into the Space and being able to touch Your Instrument

  • 2

    "Flight Without Flight Patterns"

    Being able to stay in that space and move around on the instrument

  • 3

    Playing Form in the Space

    Playing simply, but specific material - and still being in the space of the observer & the "experiencer"

  • 4

    Practicing in the Space

    Learning to practice complex things and still remaining in that space; and letting the space be your teacher - to tell you how much, how fast & when to stop

Says Kenny: "Basically, you are building a profound musician "in there" - someone who plays & goes into a space of beauty - and way beyond the conscious mind.

... This is the potential the 4 Steps have."

  • In this Video, Kenny walks you EXACTLY through the 4 Steps outlined in his book "Effortless Mastery."
    Step by Step! (It is not necessary to have read the book, though.)
    It's just like having Kenny Werner guiding YOU in a private Effortless Mastery lesson!
  • Plus, STUDENT LESSONS on 5 instruments (trumpet, sax, guitar, drums & violin) show you BY EXAMPLE how the steps apply to different instruments. (5 Lessons, ~20 minutes each!) See Sample Student Video further below!
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See what real Customers are saying:

Video Testimonials from Happy Customers

"Really helped to clarify things that were in his book!
Watching him work through a difficult passage where he employed his steps was a great insight."

Ryan Lupton, USA

"I read the book but wasn't really sure how to actually apply it on my instrument.
In this video he was able to examplify EVERYTHING in the most simple way possible! I couldn't be any happier."

Thiago Massara, Brazil

You will learn about...

  • What is “The Space”?
  • How to get out of your mind & into “The Space”
  • How to “Practice the Minimum” for Maximum Benefit! (Extensive Demo)
  • How to form New Habits on Your Instrument
  • Why You play well when You don’t care
  • Powerful Daily Practice Routines
  • Experience Music from a whole new Realm
  • Learn to connect your instrument with your “Self” through the 1st Step

But wait!
There's more...

  • How/Why People sabotage their own Playing
  • Effective Ways to move beyond the Ego and into “the Space”
  • How to become a more Natural & Fearless Improviser
  • Developing Laser-like Focus when Practicing
  • Learn how to let go while performing and let the flow of music take you over
  • And a LOT more...

YouTube Comment about an excerpt from this Video

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This 4 Steps video is an eye-opening & exciting demonstration of the famous 4 Steps from Mr. Werner’s epic "Effortless Mastery" book.
As one who has struggled for nearly 40 years to find an effective method to bring about real change in my playing, I have benefited deeply from all of his material.
In this video we see not only him demonstrate the 4 steps, but watch him guide others through the same steps, in his usual wise, compassionate and genuine manner. With a great sense of humor he disarms the boogeymen of our malformed egos, namely impatience, narcissism and the self-pity from being overwhelmed, and inspires us all to connect with our instruments as instruments of pleasure, not torture.
It is highly unusual to have an artist of this high a stature share their gifts so freely and effectively. All his materials are must-haves.

Bill Kahl
Bill Kahl USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

And still MORE Good Stuff...

Extensive 1-Hour 40-Minute STUDENT LESSONS Section!

Watch Kenny giving lessons in Effortless Mastery to students on 5 different instruments! (See Video Excerpt further below!)

* Trumpet, sax, guitar, drums & violin
* 5 separate Lessons
* ~20 minutes each

This will show you by example how the steps apply to different instruments!

Killer SOLO Performances!

Watch Kenny perform great completely improvised solo pieces.

This beautifully shows the explained concepts in action!


In-depth 60-Minute Interview

Get a glimpse of the "person behind the music"...

Hear Kenny discuss:
* his musical upbringing
* studying at Manhattan School of Music, Berklee & in Brazil
* how "Effortless Mastery" came about
* establishing himself on the NY Scene
* and MORE...

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Look What Other People Had to Say...

Kenny Werner "Effortless Mastery Videos” = Incredible! I don't go very far from them, ever! I had a private lesson from Kenny & these videos feel very close to being in the room again with him. Though I've practiced these principles for a few years and having read the venerable "Effortless Mastery" book, it always helps to WATCH Kenny's demonstration of each step. They are well produced, and thoughtfully put together. Highly recommended!

Tim Fox
Tim Fox USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

I wonder, if one could ever expect more from an instructional video? By having Kenny Werner available in my living room, whenever and as long as I want, many of the issues become more tangible – and real. His teachings have a mind-changing quality, directly addressing our state of mind while practicing or performing. … Down to earth, real-life orientated, and enriching for any open-minded person interested in improvisation.

Peter Kahlenborn
Peter Kahlenborn Germany (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

Still not sure this is for You?
Watch one final (killer) excerpt...

I had the book & got some good results. However, this sets a new standard. I really experienced “The Space” in a very real way. He did an incredible job getting these concepts across.

- George Martin, Jr., USA (From 5-Star Amazon Review)

Get started TODAY - here is what you get:

  • 1h 30min Effortless Mastery Lesson
  • 1h 40min STUDENT LESSONS on 5 Instruments (tp, sax, git, drums & violin)
  • In-depth 60-minute Interview
  • BONUS: Instant Access to 24-hour ONLINE version, even if you buy the DVD version!
To Expand YOUR
Effortless Mastery

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Decision Time...

Now you can (will) do one of two things:

  • 1

    Let Kenny “take You by the hand” & help You get to the Next Level!

    Benefit from Kenny having figured out all this knowledge for himself – and FOR You. And get it all for the price of a nice dinner or a few Starbucks Lattes... (And certainly MUCH less than taking a few hours worth of lessons with him personally at ~$100/hour)

  • 2

    OR... Do nothing – or try to figure this stuff out by yourself

    But, really, why reinvent the wheel... when, for the price of 2 movie tickets, you can just follow somebody that has already “been there” – where you want to go..., and let him take you by the hand, and cut your learning curve by a LOT.
    (It sure will be quicker & easier. And less painful - and more fun)

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“Fantastically effective ways to practice as your favorite idols do.
The reader would be very surprised, if told who among well-known jazz masters has read Kenny’s book and learned from it.
… The content is very easy to understand and very fun to work on.“

Ney Mello, USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

… Whenever I tell people about them, I tell them these 2 videos absolutely are the definitive document on everything I teach.
When a person receives this, they will not even need a private lesson from me.“

Kenny Werner


We’re so sure that this video will get your playing to the next level, that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED 365-day money-back guarantee. That’s right, 1 FULL YEAR.

If for whatever reason this video does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 365 days of your purchase and we’ll refund you your money!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 365 days. Simply contact us. No monkey business. Give it a try… you have nothing to lose & all risk is on us!

Falk Willis




Falk Willis, JazzHeaven Founder

Absolute GOLD!!!
If you read & enjoyed Effortless Mastery (the book), this video - The 4 Steps - follows that very closely, but goes way beyond what the book can do in a few ways.
Firstly, it continues what Effortless Mastery aimed to do, by really demonstrating how to get into the space.
I read the book and was profoundly moved by it, but because my mind was always super-conscious of what I play, attempting to reshape the place I played from continued to be challenging.
What I really love about it is that VIDEO is a much easier medium to actually learn & apply such an abstract approach - watching him... and then trying it out for myself, rather than simply reading about it.
For the first time, since discovering his amazing philosophy a few years ago, with this video, I was able to actually get into the space. Not all the time, but for brief moments, enough to really hear a difference.
I highly recommend this video. Kenny is great at describing how to get into the space, and how to STAY in the space while practicing.
He demonstrates this lots of different ways, and unlike the book, I could actually hear him speak to me on what to do, then have a chance to do it myself, and see what it feels like.
An incredibly unique look into one of the most overlooked areas of studying jazz: the place which you play from... How to find it, and how to stay there!
I have lots of jazz material, and if you are like me, you may consider that you already have enough "stuff." You still haven't learned Giant Steps in all 12 keys at 450 bpm... so why get more "stuff" to practice? Well, for me, it's about finding great insight into practicing this music, and this lesson is absolutely gold!

Teddy Meyer
Teddy Meyer USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

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