He who plays sax on Miles Davis' "Birth of the Cool" does not need much of an introduction...

If You are a Jazz Musician serious about Your Craft, Getting Inside the Thinking Process of a True Legend like LEE KONITZ can not not Inspire You & come up with New Ideas... Lots of them!


Lee Konitz with Dan Tepfer: "Talking & Playing"
Master Class/Instructional Video/Documentary

A self-contained treasure trove of musical thought. His plainspoken explanations in this video are illuminating, as they bring clarity and focus to this art form."


About Lee Konitz...

The preeminent cool jazz saxophonist, having performed and recorded with Claude Thornhill, Lennie Tristano and with Miles Davis on his epochal Birth of the Cool, Lee Konitz counts easily as one of the most distinctive voices on alto saxophone.
Konitz recorded dozens of albums as a leader and recorded or performed with countless other jazz greats like Dave Brubeck, Ornette Coleman, Charles Mingus, Gerry Mulligan, Elvin Jones & Jim Hall.

Says the master himself: "... After playing now for 60+ years, it's still very challenging for me to play a simple melody and have it clean and touch the reed at the proper time in the proper way."

"... I could stop and say, well that was a D minor, G seven, but I really don't want to know that. I just want to know that there's a combination of notes that makes a sound."

Konitz on Konitz: "... an international traveling salesman of improvisation." 🙂

Here is What You Get...

  • For ALL Instruments: Take a look inside the World of a true Jazz Icon discussing & demonstrating How to Play Jazz
  • Part Documentary, Part Performance & Jazz Master Class
  • BONUS: a truly classic 60-minute Interview, covering six decades (!) of Jazz History

In this video, Konitz, in an intimate duo setting with frequent collaborator, brilliant pianist Dan Tepfer, openly and candidly discusses his unique approach on how to play jazz and the improvisational process. He also shares countless fascinating anecdotes, reaching as far back as the 1940s, covering encounters with jazz icons Lennie Tristano, Warne Marsh, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Charlie Haden, Brad Mehldau and many more.

Get inside the Thinking Process of a true Jazz Legend!

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What this Video is NOT...

NOTE: This is a Video about broader concepts and it is NOT focused on jazz theory or jazz vocabulary.

It is not about showing specific things like keyboard voicings, scales used, or specific theory behind their playing.

This is basically a master class, so by nature it does not focus on theory.
Instead it focuses on the "bigger picture" - the players' point of view on jazz in general, and topics like jazz history, learning tunes, and how to think about jazz.

=> If you are looking for material with SPECIFICS on theory and explanations as to why and how to apply it all:
we highly recommend our  Jerry Bergonzi "Creating a Jazz Vocabulary Series" and Kenny Werner "Effortless Mastery" Videos.

This video is more like watching a private master class with a true jazz master - as opposed to a more rigorous, methodical instructional video. (So it is unlike most other JazzHeaven Videos in that sense.)

You'll Learn About...

  • Practice Tips
  • Sing & Play How-to-Play-Jazz Exercises
  • Collective Composition
  • Solo Pieces
  • Importance of Rhythm
  • Playing Free
  • How to approach Jazz Standards
  • Making the First Free Jazz Record (1949!)
  • Birth of the Cool & Miles Davis
  • Lennie Tristano teaching him and Warne Marsh Jazz Improvisation

But wait!
There's more...

  • Meeting Charlie Parker
  • Why Jazz is an “Imperfect Art”
  • Difference between conscious & unconscious hearing
  • The gap between an artist's perception of their own playing and the audience's reception of it
  • The challenge of creating "magic" night after night
  • Exercises to "Stay Fresh"
  • How to Practice outside Your Comfort Zone
  • How to change Your Articulation Habits
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I just finished watching JazzHeaven's "Lee Konitz Talking & Playing" Video and it brought back many great memories of my time spent studying with him in NYC back in the 1980s.
This Video captures Lee's wit and wisdom
as I remember it, and his conversations with pianist Dan Tepfer allow the viewer the unique experience of being able to eavesdrop on two master musicians as they discuss their thoughts on jazz improvisation."

Brent Jensen
Brent Jensen Assistant Professor of Music, College of Southern Idaho
(5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

And still MORE Good Stuff...

Killer DUO Performances!

Watch Lee perform plenty in Duo with brilliant pianist & frequent collaborator Dan Tepfer, and then discussing it.

This beautifully shows the explained concepts in action!

Plus: SOLO performances and a unique vocal improvisation on "Body & Soul"!

In-depth 60-Minute Interview

Hear Dan Tepfer "grill" Lee on...
* his musical upbringing
* working with Claude Thornhill, Tristano & Warne Marsh
* touring with Charlie Parker
* how to develop Your own Sound
* Miles Davis & Birth of the Cool

A fascinating look at six (!) decades of Jazz History!

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Look What Other People Had to Say...

Jazz Master Class with a Legend
Lee's music started in the Bebop era and he is a true Jazz explorer still playing with today's greats and in Free Jazz settings.
Here, Lee is with Dan Tepfer, a classical and Jazz pianist who he performs and records frequently with.
The two have a great rapport and they musically challenge each other in their improvisations.
This Video has something for everyone: stories from someone who is part of Jazz history, lessons in improvisation, and Free Jazz performance.
Highly recommended.

Steve Barnette
Steve Barnette USA (5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

At one point in the lesson, Lee sits down at the piano to freely improvise with his eyes closed. I remember him having me do the very same thing on the grand piano in his apartment in New York.
I highly recommend this Video to anyone wishing to get inside the thinking process of this great jazz master.
I think Jazz Heaven has provided a very valuable tool at an extremely reasonable price (remember, you'd pay around $100+ per hour to study with any of these musicians privately!) to players looking to expand their musical horizons about jazz improvisation.

Brent Jensen
Brent Jensen Assistant Professor of Music, College of Southern Idaho
(5-Star Amazon Review Excerpt)

Still not sure this is for You?
Watch one final excerpt...

One of the few legends from the Bebop era still with us. Getting him to talk about music and the time (in his interview) is a great opportunity.

- Steve Barnette, USA (From 5-Star Amazon Review)

Get started TODAY - here is what you get:

  • 90-minute Jazz Improvisation Master Class & Lesson
  • PLUS: A truly classic 60-minute Interview, covering six decades (!) of Jazz History
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To Expand Your
Musical Horizons

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Decision Time...

Now you can (will) do one of three things:

  • 1

    Enter "Lee's World" & get inside the Thinking Process of a true Jazz Legend!

    Get amazing insights straight from "the source" - one of the few remaining "living legends" in Jazz. And get it all for the price of a nice dinner or a few Starbucks Lattes... (And certainly MUCH less than taking a few hours worth of lessons with him personally at ~$100/hour)

  • 2

    OR... Do nothing – or try to figure this stuff out by yourself

    But, really, why reinvent the wheel... when, for the price of 2 movie tickets, you can just follow somebody that has already “been there” – where you want to go..., and let him take you by the hand, and open up your mind a LOT.

*** Choose Your Preferred Version...

... you will receive an education during the lesson and in the hour-long interview. His upbringing, work with Claude Thornhill, touring with Charlie Parker and connections to Lennie Tristano, Warne Marsh & Miles Davis and many other important figures come into the picture during this fascinating look at Jazz as a conversational art form."



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Falk Willis




Falk Willis, JazzHeaven Founder

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