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Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery: The 4 Steps – Instructional Video

Effortless Mastery Video DVD Lesson: “The 4 Steps” with Kenny Werner

Effective Practice Methods for Natural & Fearless Music Making – for ALL Instruments & Levels!

Kenny Werner Effortless Mastery 4 Steps


* Have the “Effortless Master” himself guide you through the 4 Steps from his Landmark Book “Effortless Mastery” – for ALL Instruments & Levels!

* Jam-packed 1h 30min Lesson *PLUS* 1h 40min STUDENT LESSONS on 5 Instruments (tp, sax, git, drums & violin)

* BONUS: in-depth 60-minute Interview

I wanna say THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR THE NEW KENNY WERNER VIDEOS. This is beyond mind-blowing. Unbeliiiievable.
It's such a gift and bliss for all us musicians, artists, people. Thank you soo much! ! ! !

Philippe Schäppi from Switzerland, via email

A message from Kenny:
I really believe this video fills a void.
For people who are completely new to this concept, these videos provide the most direct & powerful way to learn these concepts.
For people who have read the book, it's an even more effective follow up.
For people whom I've taught or when I've been a visiting teacher and lecturer, this will be a highly effective way to REMEMBER.
It's so hard for a person to hold on to some of these ideas, even though they know it's true or it's what they need to do next.
But give them a week or two, their mind will turn it around somehow or obscure it. The mind does that.
Now they can have that lesson or master class again and again. When a person receives this, they will not even need a private lesson from me.

Kenny Werner is a rare musician who is known as much for his jazz teachings and wisdom as for his piano playing and composing.
He has played with Joe Lovano, Betty Buckley, Mel Lewis, Bob Brookmeyer, Toots Thielemans, Randy Brecker and many more.
Kenny has been the leader of his own bands since the late 1970s and written for jazz orchestras and classical orchestras around the world.

He is the author of the landmark book “Effortless Mastery” (over 90,000 copies sold) – now a “bible” for musicians & artists all over the world, jazz & beyond. It has shown the way for generations of artists seeking discipline in their practicing as well as liberation and meaning in their playing.

In this Video, Kenny walks you EXACTLY through the 4 Steps outlined in Effortless Mastery. Step by step!

Plus, STUDENT LESSONS on 5 instruments (trumpet, sax, guitar, drums & violin) show you by example how the steps apply to different instruments. (5 Lessons, ~20 minutes each!)

Since I developed the 4 Steps, musicians are always asking me, ‘How do you do Step 1 on guitar, trumpet, violin, drums, etc.?'
I didn't really have an answer for them that wouldn't require me guiding them through the step.
But in this video I do the step with 5 instruments. The question is finally answered.
” Kenny Werner

=> This video is just like having Kenny Werner guiding YOU in a private lesson on Effortless Mastery!

Kenny at his best
I had the book and kind of went through it and got some good results.
However – these new videos set a new benchmark for Kenny, I believe. He has really done an incredible job at getting these concepts across.
There are a few new “key phrases” he uses that really helped me tremendously.
I felt like I really experienced “The Space” in a very real way because of this new video series.
I had an incredible time on the gig that first night after purchasing this. Even as a novice at this concept, I felt more relaxed on the gig immediately. I want to make this my goal in all my practicing and performing. It is truly Nirvana when you experience this.
I highly, highly recommend this new video series.
Kenny has highly refined this concept, so that it is simple and easily obtainable for anyone, I believe!!

George Martin, jr., Duluth, GA, via Amazon

You'll learn about:

* How to get into “The Space”
* How to “Practice the Minimum” for Maximum Benefit! (Extensive Demo)
* How to form New Habits
* Powerful Daily Practice Routines
* Experience Music from a whole new Realm
* Learn to connect your instrument with your “Self” through the 1st Step
* Effective Ways to move beyond the Ego and into “the Space”
* How to become a more Natural & Fearless Improviser
* Developing Laser-like Focus when Practicing
* Learn how to let go while performing and let the flow of music take you over

And LOTS more…

Bonus: a 60-min Interview!

I wonder, if one could ever expect more from an instructional DVD?
… By having Kenny Werner available in my living room, whenever and as long as I want,
many of the issues become more tangible – and real. The teachings remind me of the time that I was fortunately part of Bob Brookmeyer`s composers class at the Hochschule für Musik Köln in the mid 90s. It`s the same mind-changing quality, only going a step further with Effortless Mastery: The 4 Steps”, directly addressing our state of mind while practicing or performing. … Down to earth, real life orientated, and enriching for any open-minded person interested in improvisation.

Peter Kahlenborn, Cologne, Germany, via Amazon.com

And don't forget to pick up Kenny's OTHER instructional video: “Effortless Mastery of Melody, Harmony & Rhythm”
The PERFECT companion to the “Effortless Mastery: The 4 Steps” Video on this page!

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  • Incl. MOBILE version (iPad/iPhone/Android, etc.)

  • Must be online to watch
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Fantastic Master Classes
Fantastically effective ways to practice as your favorite idols do.
The reader would be very surprised, if told who among well-known jazz masters has read Kenny's book and learned from it.
The content is very easy to understand and very fun to work on.

Ney Mello, Silver Spring, MD, via Amazon

… Whenever I tell people about them, I tell them these 2 videos absolutely are the definitive document on everything I teach.
When a person receives this, they will not even need a private lesson from me.

Kenny Werner in a private email to us…

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